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Friday, March 5, 2010 ; 6:48 PM {♥}

assalamualaikum =)

hye march! hye everyone and hye people!!

sooo after, uhmmm ages inda beupdate so now.. an UPDATE!!! heee.

nothing new just school!!! and some stuff.

just want you you and you to know that IM NOT WITH HIM LAGI!
hahaha..single life ani siuk jua ahh.. :p

aku inda tahu wah kan update apa, just im bored and hey i miss someone.
just i dont want to mention namanya here, cause heh. what for kan?.
ia inda tahu pun aku rindu ia.:p

so someone asked me to update this hehehe blog so yeaaah.
aku update sudah ni so stop compalaining okay?:p

sorethroat!! i hate you. you know that right?:p

AS may june exam inda lagi batah, and guess what? im not ready for it. HEHEHE

umie and ariff official sudah. soooo congrats ums!! i love you. HAHAHAHA.
atu batah eh aku congrats ah.:p.. jgn marah mie.

school was okay, just tiring and akuuuuuu mahuu cutii..
oh talking about CUTI.. HEEEE..

holiday holiday!!! buttttt malai will be off to NZ.
so tell me siapa tah kan dengan ku begay ni ah??? ums cemana tah ni?;P..
gonna miss you laii!!

im just wondering, why i miss you? tapinya kan ia inda jua rindu aku.. heh

bah im off now and i have nothing to say lagi,

before i end this

tak semua yang kita harapkan akan kita dapat =)

love yaya hr.

xoxo {♥}

Saturday, December 12, 2009 ; 9:58 PM {♥}

DST CARNIVAL updates..

Was awesome!! hehe

thanks for them them them...

sorry idk what to blog ah.:p

i miss Him right now..

sayang, i miss you here

im off now..ngaleh ku ah kan update...


thanks to everyone yang greet saya...
thank you so much people..


thanks to si love cause,
celebrate my birthday...:)

you dont know how much i love you sayang..

with love yayaHR..

xoxo {♥}

Monday, December 7, 2009 ; 11:10 PM {♥}


Will update soon!↲
Tell you i'm tired here↲
Needs to get, uhmm some rest↲


xoxo {♥}

Friday, December 4, 2009 ; 3:24 PM {♥}

have fun with you love

i love you

xoxo {♥}

Monday, November 30, 2009 ; 1:25 PM {♥}




sooo...sorry for thee..uhmmm..lack of update hee

anyway i think its nott too late to say this


selamat bercuti maktab!:p

enjoy enjoy tah, next year no more cuti cuti and enjoy enjoy nii.

so ive been promoted to UPPER SIX babe with SUPER BAD result and now im regerting it.=(

spent my saturday night di rumah..hee...:p..thanks for the day love..sorry no pictures..
then went jalan lagi sunday with him jua and malai and si wan...dangani him bali lappy..finallyyy ia balii!!!WARNA BLACK..:p..nice colour and great choice!!!

i just want them to know that

i fall for him

FAIQ, i Love you love..


wanaaaaaaaa!!!! i miss you too..

i miss YOU!

xoxo {♥}

Saturday, November 21, 2009 ; 10:19 AM {♥}

lame yooo!!!!hahahah..

sooo hye world!!i miisss you!yes you people!!

im here at school, doing eerrr...not escaping my class okay???takde class lee..hehe
im here sitting infront of my lappy and si nads duduk bersebelahan dengan saya dan siii minul with his lappy AND sepasang kekasih berada didapan ku...tengah memadu asmara..nak tahu siapa ke orang tu??NAMA MEREKA UMIE HAZIRAH DAN JUGA ARIFF GAPAR!!!hye umie!!!i love you..

vip days sooonnn..real sooonnn!!and im loving it!!HAHAHAHA...:P

officialy grades.. D E E U!!!super great!!!

saya lapar here and headache wah saya disini ahh..hehe..

i think i have to go now..

faiq i love you..


xoxo {♥}

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 ; 8:58 AM {♥}


i ditch accounting today..due to what???hehe..my pending maths homework andddddd....okayyy..im not in a moood kan masuk class today..soooo...i will only attend my maths class...GREAT!!!

i dont feel right wah lately ani, and idk why wahhh...this entah eh..i dont even know why ahh...im soooooo need to get my old me...and im sooo tired of this emoshitttt and bla bla bla bla...gila ehhhh..kenapa kan nii????well maybe i made my self jadi cemani kali ah?yatah jadi cemani ani???owhhh...shittttt...everyone inda in a proper mood and everyone tend to be SOMEONE ELSE!!!...holyyycrappppp!!!and me myself being sooooo emooo...

entah entah entah ehhh..ngaleh ku wah cemani anii..i needdddddd fresh air anddddd..whatever!!!im sooo missing him right now..and i know i disapoint him...bukannya sengaja aku buat cematuuu..urrrghhh...assholee....crazyy ehhh..

i think i better go now...all i know now..i miss him now andddd...can we meet love????


xoxo {♥}

th' laddyyyye {♥}
Me,Myself &! I.
♥ iloveyou :D

call me Yaya for short
i live in lala land
& i'm abnormal :D

cravings {♥}
please grant me !
{♥}slap her & her !
{♥}be with another 'him' :D
{♥}cut hair again
{♥}be healthy
{♥}change phone
{♥}very OWN LAPTOP
{♥}Nokia 5800, please?
{♥}Nokia E71
{♥}Nokia N97 [brand NEW]
{♥}new shoes
{♥}mee-rebus kari (KFC) nyummy!!
{♥}mixed bttermilk chicken (AhanThai)

Crappyy {♥}
don't give a fucking spam :D

Kiss Good-bye {♥}
byyyyyyyyyyyyyes ; (:

come again {♥}
Thank you (:
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